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Model C-041 - Divine Toning Pull Up Body Shaper Infused w. Healing Power of 5 Plants

Garment Description

It's your time to enjoy!

This deliciously comfortable, invisible, and highly effective Pull Up Body Shaper with mid thigh length, delicate lace trim, adjustable straps, and Open Bottom to provide maximum healing benefits, and optimum comfort, fit, and feel, will not only shape your body, but the unique blend of the strong and lasting, yet deliciously soft fabric with the most powerful 4-way stretch factor, which is more durable and reliable than any other fabric, will allow your garment to return to its original size and shape every time after the stress is removed.

While reinforced double layers of fabric along the side flanks until the mid thighs, as well as under each butt cheek gently embrace your new and improved booty, your butt will be protected by a thin layer of a very special delicate and soft fabric, ensuring that there will be no compression on your booty.

WOW! ONLY WITH BONITO: Every thread of the garment is infused with the Healing Power Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Calendula, Green Tea, and Vitamin E to provide anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hydrating, moisturizing, and soothing healing benefits for your vulnerable and sensitive skin after your surgery!

To be worn after a TT, BBL, and/or Lipo for your Stage Three Post Op Garment for strong compression (weeks 6-12), or strictly for Posture Support and body toning purposes. 

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Customer Reviews

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Not taking this one off - lol

No words to tell you how happy I am. The garment does not roll down, and fits like a glove. I am 4 months post op, and am still wearing it, cause I love how I feel in it. You gyus are awesome :):)