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Every piece of post-surgical Compression Wear and Shapewear is carefully designed, custom-made, and custom-manufactured according to every patient’s and client’s needs. Artisans and laborers handcraft every garment, which is designed and made to fit each individual, while maintaining the highest quality.

Bonito & Co. (Bonito) has become synonymous with style and elegance, infusing each of its fabulous post-surgical Compression Garments and Shapewear with a sense of highly sought after sophistication. Today, Bonito is an established brand, focusing on dressing up, or rather “underdressing” celebrities, politicians, and many other fashion and beauty aficionados. Bonito’s collections are a tribute to femininity and masculinity, with the flair of a timeless style.

  • Bonito uses a state-of-the art material, which is specially designed and hand-crafted with the perfect combination of knit and weave. Our products allow for the ideal level of compression needed for every individual, resulting in unparalleled comfort, feel, and fit
  • POST SURGICAL GARMENTS: Every thread of the high-end fabric blend of our Post Surgical Garments is infused with the healing power of five plants, to provide our patients with the most effective and restoring post operative healing journey possible. While Aloe Vera hydrates and soothes the skin, Camomile promotes gentle pain relief. Calendula and Green Tea offer up antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and Vitamin E promotes wound and scar healing. In addition, every Post Surgical Bra's soft cups are infused with Cannabis to promote pain relief, and Spirulina delivering anti-inflammatory and free radical fighting benefits.
  •  SHAPEWEAR GARMENTS: Even our Shapewear Garments are infused with the powerful healing power of three plants, to provide our wonderful customers with skin rejuvenating benefits. While Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin E promote skin restoration such as collagen regeneration and improvement of skin elasticity, the antioxidant properties of Marine Algae (also known as seaweed), moisturize and soften the skin, promoting a more youthful and plumper looking skin.   
  • Since only the best materials are used, Bonito’s garments are extremely durable and can last a lifetime
  • The special Bonito blend allows the skin to breathe comfortably, even in the hottest weather
  • Placing a Bonito garment in the refrigerator for 25 minutes will reconstitute and recompress the unique and special fibers, ensuring maximum compression every time it is worn
  • Bonito’s design is particularly careful about the patients’ skin, ensuring that all seams are on the outside of the garment, and every clasp is protected with fabric, allowing the skin and scars to heal gently, without causing any discomfort
  • Women always want to feel sexy and beautiful, therefore, a lot of emphasis is placed on design, style, and fashion, so patients feel attractive and fabulous, even during their post-surgical phase