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Bonito & Co.

Bonito & Co. is a globally acknowledged and renowned company specializing in top of the line, chic, and elegant post-surgical Compression Garments and Shapewear. Only the finest fabrics are elegantly worked in accordance with the purest artisanship.

We have years of experience in the market, and are committed to customer satisfaction. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order, please let us know, and we will strive to work with you to resolve any concerns to your complete satisfaction.

It is very important for us to us to be able to offer you a safe and reliable shopping experience. Our secure servers encrypt your personal information and our merchant services provider, ensures that your information cannot be read over the internet.


• Post-Operative Compression Garments

• Shapewear

• Corsets

No. Bonito & Co. garments are only sold online, and/or through approved Medical Providers, and/or Exclusive Agents/ Distributors in select countries.

Every piece of post-surgical Compression Wear and Shapewear is carefully designed, custom-made, and custom-tailored according to every patient and customer needs. Artisans and laborers handcraft every garment, which is designed and made to fit each individual, while maintaining the highest quality.

Absolutely. Many surgeons are already very familiar with Bonito & Co. We have multiple physician testimonials, as well as customer testimonials attesting to the quality, comfort, and design of Bonito & Co.’s garments.

Yes, however, check with your surgeon first to see if they can make the garments available to you, but if not, we would be happy to work directly with you. We recommend purchasing two garments at each Stage of the Post-Op convalescence process, since constant compression is recommended especially in Stages 1 and 2 - one to wear while you launder the other.

Getting someone to help you makes it easier. Please resist the urge to flex, adjust your posture, or pull in your stomach. It is best to be measured in the nude, or wearing a thin piece of clothing. If measuring for a bra, do not wear one that is padded or contains underwire, since this may alter the measurements. If you have to take your own measurements, try to do so standing sideways towards a mirror, so you can verify that the tape measure is level. The tape measure should not be held too tight or too loose. Please reference our "How to Measure" icon on the garment page so you can see exactly where to take measurements.

There are different ways to find the garment(s) that you want. You can search for garments by using the search box on the upper right hand corner on every page, and entering keywords (Compression Garment, Shapewear, Corset, Bra, etc.), or the garment Model number. You may also click over the menu bar, and select the category that suits your needs.

Each garment page has its own size chart to guide you in selecting your perfect size.

Your physician will recommend a style based on the type of surgery you have chosen. He/she has the final decision, but we can guide you to the best option(s) based on your procedure, in case your doctor did not recommend one. Please go to our InfoZone for more information

Our recommendation is that you use pre-operative measurements. If you are having a High-Volume Liposuction or a Body-Lift, your physician will guide you, as post-operative measurements may be required.

The following instructions apply to Body Shapers and Abdomen/Legwear Garments:

1. Find a comfortable chair to sit in.

2. Place both legs through the openings, and pull the garment up your body with your fingers, and not your nails.

3. Alignment is key for you to achieve the ultimate levels of comfort and fit:

• Groin: Ensure the groin area is perfectly aligned

• Legs: Adjust the position of the inseams, so they are perfectly aligned with the inside of your legs

4. Stand up, and slide the garment over your arms and/or shoulders (if applicable).

5. Lay down on your bed.

6. Fastening Hook and Eye Closure (if applicable):

• If you just underwent surgery, your garment should be big enough (the size will be recommended by your surgeon) so you can close the Hook and Eye Closure without too much additional effort

• If you are wearing your garment for shaping purposes, you want to achieve the maximum compression, therefore, you will have selected your size, or maybe even a size smaller than you standard size. In this case, closing the Hook and Eye Closure will be a bit more challenging. You will have to pull and stretch the garment out to the right and left side of your body, so both sides can meet together for you to begin to close the Hook and Eye Closure. Don’t be scared thinking you are damaging the fabric. This is a high end Compression Garment, and being pulled and stretched is what it was designed to do

7. Swiftly fasten the Hook and Eye Closure.

8. Enjoy your beautiful garment for your beautiful body!

Your physician knows exactly what you require for proper healing. Patients normally wear compression garments for several months, and although you may feel recovered, it is important to follow your physician’s advice, and wear your garment for as long as is recommended. The healing happens under your skin, and compression is vital in helping the recuperation process.

Yes. We ship anywhere in the world, except to markets where we have exclusive agents, and our service is a door to door service.

Handling & Care

Hand Wash Only! Bonito Garments are hand made and of very high quality, they cannot be machine-washed and machine dried. Please hand wash (with a gentle detergent i.e. Woolite or Ecover) and air dry (about 5 hours to dry) your garment, and when dry, please place it into the pouch you received it in, and place it into the refrigerator for 20-30 min, which allows the fibers of the very high-end material to reconstitute and recompress, so you receive the exact same compression ratio, as when it was new, and ultimate compression every time you wear your garment. If properly handled and cared for, a Bonito Garment will last you a long time (excludes Corsets and Bustiers).

Yes. We utilize a special knit and weave along with a high graded LYCRA®, a synthetic elastic fiber. We do not use latex, which is a natural rubber-based compound that has been shown to cause allergic reactions. We also refrain from using any materials that may contain silicone or formaldehyde. Our garments have been in use for over 30 years in Brazil, and have a loyal following.

Your Bonito & Co garment is designed to last a long time, providing you take proper care of it. The technology in our proprietary kint and weave is flawless, and our quality remains unsurpassed.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover


Shipping rates for your order are available on the checkout page, and you are able to select the shipping mode and urgency of your order.


1. Please go to, and click on any of our collections.

2. Click on the picture of the garment you would like to purchase, and enter the information requested on the garment detail page, along with the available sizes and colors to select for your order. It is recommended you view the Size Chart to gauge your proper size.

3. After filling out the garment page, click on the button, “BUY NOW”.

4. The system will summarize your order for your review.

5. Input any Promo Code, if applicable, and click “Apply”, and then “Checkout”

6. The system will to prompt you to verify or edit your “Shipping Address”, “Bill to Address”, Shipping Method”, “Payment Method”, and finally “Order Review”. At each stage you will be asked to “Continue” in order to take you through the purchasing process.

7. The system will calculate Tax (applicable only for Florida residents at the moment) and Shipping & Handling charges based on your delivering zip code.

8. Review your order, and when complete, please click “Place my Order”.

9. A few seconds after placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email.

10. When your order ships, you will receive an email with the tracking number and can utilize the link provided to see the movement of your order.

11. Once your order is delivered, you will be notified via another email of the date, time, and address of delivery.

12. It is your responsibility to make sure someone picks up the order.

• Domestic Orders: Sales tax is not charged, unless you reside in the state of Florida. The sales tax for Florida is correspondingly charged at the time an order is placed. Should the government change the taxing rules, we may need to charge you sales tax in your state or jurisdiction.

• International Orders: Bonito & Co. is not responsible for import duties/taxes, since each country has its own policies. You may be charged import duties/taxes once the package reaches your country. DHL Express will clear customs and contact you for payment of duties/taxes prior to delivering your order. If you would like additional details, please contact your country’s governmental customs office for more information regarding this matter.

To place an order or handle an exchange, you must go to Log into your account and place your order online or select the order you wish to return/exchange and click on the Returns/Exchanges link. If you are having trouble with the process, please call us at 1-888-709-0863, so we can walk you through the order placement or return/exchange process.

If it has been more than five minutes since you have placed your order, and you have not received your order confirmation email, please look in your junk mail folder (Junk or Spam folder). If you find the confirmation in the spam folder, please whitelist by adding us to your address book. If you need us to send you another order confirmation, please contact us either by emailing us from our Contact Us at the bottom of our Home Page or calling us at 1.888.709.0863 and selecting customer support.

We would be happy to help you cancel your order if that is what you wish to do. To cancel your order, please log into the Returns/Exchanges link at the bottom of our website, and please select the order you wish to cancel. Follow the prompts and fill out the form, and submit. We will contact you regarding the return.

We would be happy to modify your order. Please log into your "My Account" page on our website, and on your dashboard, please select the order you wish to modify, and click on the corresponding "Return and Exchange Purchase" link, and your order will be displayed. If this is the order you wish to modify, click on the "Refunds & Exchanges" link, and fill out the form, and submit. We will contact you regarding the change order.

After placing your order, you will immediately receive an email with a detailed summary of your order. Please log into your "My Account" page on our website, and once your order has been shipped, you will see your tracking number which allows you to track it on your dashboard or directly with the carrier.

Yes. A custome tailoring fee of 40% will be applied, and returns or exchanges are not allowed on custom-made garments.

Under About Us, please select the “Returns/Exchanges” link on our website, and select the order you wish to Return/Exchange. Follow the prompts and complete the online request form and submit it. Once your request is approved, you will receive a Returned Authorization (RA) email with a specific RA identification number, and instructions on exactly where, and how to Return or Exchange your garment. Please make sure the return package includes the garment with its original labels, and in its original packaging. All returns MUST have the RA email assigned to your request within the return package. Any garments returned without the RA number and/or email, will not be accepted, and promptly returned to the sender. Please follow the process indicated here, in order to speed up the Return/Exchange process. Your request(s) will appear on the Returns/Exchanges link for easy tracking of updates, and additional queries with our team. Please mail your garment to the address provided, and ensure you provide us with a tracking number. Bonito & Co. will not pay for the shipping cost of returned/exchanged garments. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Bonito & Co. is not responsible for any lost returns

Garments In Stock:

If your garments are in stock, they will ship the next day after receipt of your order

Garments On-Order:

• If your garments are not in our immediate stock, we will place them On-Order with our tailoring facility. As all Bonito & Co. garments are hand made, please allow 10-12 days for delivery


To create an account, please go to the "LOGIN" link and register with an e-mail, username, and password. If you already have an account, and wish to update your information, simply log into your "My Account" page and modify as required.

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