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A Word From The Owner

After surgery, it's all about convalescing in the most comfortable REAL Medical Grade Post Op Compression Garments offering up the utmost comfort, fit, and silky feel on your skin. I have had plastic surgeries, which is why I know that there is nothing worse than being in pain, and having to convalesce in garments that itch, scratch, pinch, move around in all the wrong places, do not provide the compression where it is needed, and rob you of sleep. The Post-Operative period is lengthy (a minimum of 3 months), and therefore, not only physically challenging, but also emotionally and mentally. My Team and I spend hours on the phone talking to Post-Op patients who are crying, confused, and even scared, as they are dealing with the changes their bodies are going through, and are searching for all the right answers, and somebody to talk to and confide in.

I believe that there are three key factors to having the most successful Plastic Surgery possible:
Selecting an excellent Surgeon with extensive experience whom you trust, time set aside to be able to convalesce properly with somebody to be there to help you, and preparing ahead of time to have the proper compression garments for the Three Post-Op Stages at hand when needed. This combination will provide the best chance of maximizing the fabulous outcome of the shape and silhouette you aspire to and desire.

Whenever in doubt, just call us - we are always here for you.

I wish all the girls and boys in this world the best with their up and coming surgeries :).
Deirdre R. Sours

Please follow link below for a wonderful article by VoyageMIA about Deirdre Sours and her vision for Bonito & Co.