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Big decision. And so very exciting. Good for you. Im sure it took you a long time to make up your mind. Sure took me 2 years to have the guts to do it :). The best advice I can give you is that you need to love your surgeon, trust him, and know that he has done this surgery millions of times, so you have a person with experience. is team has to be nice and accessible in case you have questions and need help. Make sure you have help after the surgery and are not alone. that was key for me. You need to have help for at least 3 weeks. Prepare your bed and home so that all is ready when you get home - plenty of pillows to make you comfortable, pre cooked food in the freezer, put a plastic chair in your shower, and you may even want to get a walker (Amazon, they don't cost much) - that helps with stability and balance. Also stock up in time on your Medical grade Compression garments - I got all of mine from Bonito - heard about them here on RealSelf, and they saved my life after my surgery. Truly nothing compares - they are simply the best. I remember I had to wait on my second faja, becauese I did not order ahead of time, so I'm telling you, don't wast any time - get all you need ahead of time so you are as prepared as can be after your surgery. Drinking plenty of water is super important, and pull out some of those books you always wanted to read - lol - you will have the time. Wishing you the best of luck