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The Perfect and Proper Garments after a Tummy Tuck

June 22, 2019 2 Translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

The Perfect and Proper Garments after a Tummy Tuck

Deirdre Sours

Ladies, you have no idea how many phone calls we get from patients complaining about the pain and discomfort they are dealing with, not from the surgery they had, which is bad enough, but from the additional pain caused by the Waist Binder they were sent home in after their surgery. Number one it comes very close to the incision, which can be very dangerous and painful. It does not protect the wound, nor does it make the patient feel comfortable, pain free, and safe. Why? Because that is not the proper garment to wear after a Tummy Tuck. The proper garment needs to surpass the incision, offering up leg support to make the patient feel protected, enveloped, comforted, and very comfortable, as it is crucial to be wearing Compression Garments for 24 hours for the first 6 weeks, which means that you must sleep in them. 

Displayed above are the two proper Compression Garments to wear during all Three Post Op Stages after a Tummy Tuck and possibly some Lipo: Model C-002 has mid-thigh length, while model C-029 had knee length and Full Back Coverage, in case you have Lipo on Inner/Outer Thighs, as well as your Bra Overhang:
Why? Because these garments surpass the incision providing leg support, which not only makes the patient feel more safe and protected, but also because the downward pull of the legs aids in reducing the swelling much quicker, and promotes the most even and flat shape and silhouette, with the least unwanted fat bumps and fat ripples. This would not be possible with a garment without leg support.  

Stage 1: Weeks 0-2 Post Op:. You will be swollen, sensitive and in pain from your surgery, and possibly bloated from the pain killers. During this period, you will need a mild compression, and be using one size bigger than what you were wearing before surgery. 

Stage 2: Weeks 2-6 Post Op: During this stage, your body will be changing every 2-3 days, becoming smaller and slimmer, which is why you will be needing moderate compression. You will be using the same compression garment model as for your Stage One, just one size down. 

Stage 3: Weeks 6-12 Post Op: By this time, you should be healed up completely, have no pain, and may have 5-10% swelling left. Now is the time to go for tight and strong compression to continue to shape and define your silhouette. You will use the same model, and go down another size, to obtain the additional compression.

Good luck!
Deirdre Sours

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