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Leg Support? YES or NO?

October 26, 2018 2 Translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Leg Support? YES or NO?

Deirdre Sours

Leg Support after Plastic Surgery is not only necessary - NO -  it’s actually crucial to a healthy convalescence period, and ending up with the most even and flat shape and silhouette.
Over the past years, I have spent hours and hours on the phone chatting with many Post-Op Patients, and have come across the same dilemma over and over again. The preferred Post-Op Compression Garments are always the ones without Leg Support, because they are easier to wear under dresses, skirts, pants, and are also less hot, especially when it’s summer. 
Well, here is the big news flash: for anybody who had a Tummy Tuck, and/or Lipo on abdomen, flanks, full back, Leg Support is a MUST. Some of you will say: “But I did not have Lipo on my thighs…”. That does not matter.
Here is why:
  • You Surgeon can only sculpt your body to a certain degree. You will never get up from the operating table and say: "wow, this is it, this is perfectly flat and even everywhere" 
  • What will help you end up with the best results are the following:
    • Be patient with yourself and your body
    • Have help, so you don’t overexert yourself
    • Have everything you need for your Post Op Period at hand
    • Have your Compression Garments ready for all your Three Post-Op Stages to wear (Post-Op Stage One and Two must be worn for 24 hours/day for 6 week. Post-op Stage Three can be worn for 12 hours/day) 
    • You will always want your garment to surpass the areas where you received your surgery for the following  reasons, which is why Leg Support is crucial:
    • Especially when you had a Tummy Tuck, which is a major invasive surgery, you will want your Compression Garment to provide you with comfort, safety, and you will want to feel protected and embraced by it, which is what the Leg Support will do for you
    • When you had TT and/or Lipo,  you need the garment to surpass the areas were surgery was received, to help reducing the swelling and fluid buildup
    • And most of all, while the straps or shoulder support will afford you with the upward pull of your Compression Garment, the downward pull of the Leg Support will promote the most even and flat shape and silhouette with the least unwanted fat bumps, balls, and ripples
    Sooooo, after all is said and done: Ladies and Gents, do not forgo the Leg Support. I can guarantee that you will regret it if you do.  You paid too much money for your surgery to risk a less than perfect outcome.
    What do I always say: "just suck it up!" 

    Good luck!

    Deirdre Sours

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