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Econo Collection Model D4029 - Head And Chin Compression Band, Unisex

Garment Description

Graceful Head, Chin, and Neck Compression Band with Velcro closure for the ideal compression, and the optimum comfort, fit, and feel after your surgery. The unique blend of the strong and lasting, yet deliciously soft Bonito fabric, which has the most powerful 4-way stretch factor, and is more durable and reliable than any other fabric, will allow your band to return to its original size and shape every time after the stress is removed.

Always hand-wash and air-dry. Place your garment in the pouch we provide and put it in the refrigerator for 20-30 min after hand washing and air-drying it, and your garment will last you a long time. The fibers reconstitute and recompress giving you the exact same compression ratio as when it was new. Enjoy!

We highly recommend purchasing two garments for continuous compression. Flaunt one while you Launder one!

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