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Feeling Fabulous, Feeling Bonito

Bonito specializes in the creation of custom and elegant Compression Garments for men and women post-plastic surgery, and equally bespoke Shapewear.


Marta Bonito, born in São Paulo, Brazil, is the brainchild of Bonito & Cia. (Bonito). At the age of 15, she started her professional career selling clothes in boutiques, and in 1987, she began working as a surgical instrument technician for plastic surgeons, where she developed her love for the medical field. As part of her job, Marta procured Compression Garments for the patients’ post operative period. Very quickly, Marta realized that high-end, fine, lasting, chic, and most of all, comfortable Compression Wear was hard, if not impossible to find. With that knowledge, Marta launched Bonito & Cia., specializing in creating and marketing top of the line Compression Garments and Shapewear. Her dedication and attention to detail has made Bonito a highly sought after, renowned, trustworthy, and stylish brand within the industry.To this day, Marta, who has carefully designed and crafted each one of her garments, holds a very special love for her creations in her heart. Today, Marta has a burgeoning business, selling her stylish line of Compression Garments and Shapewear to celebrities, politicians, and other fashion and beauty aficionados.                          
In 2016, Deirdre R. Sours, Owner and CEO, purchased the Exclusive International Distributorship for Bonito Company of Florida/Bonito & Companhia, giving birth to Bonito & Co.,  launching its online presence, E-Commerce Platform, and successfully expanding its brand into the U.S. market, as well as the rest of the world. 

Bonito & Co.’s focus is to guide all Post-Operative Patients and fabulous Shapewear seekers in not only finding the perfect garment for their shape and circumstance, but also to ensure an immaculate fit, in order to bring about the maximum possible improvement of the patient’s body, shape, and silhouette.

Bonito & Co.’s “Old School” approach to Customer Service coupled with its expertise in tailoring hand-made garments with a unique and fabulous fabric blend, has no peers. “Call us and let us guide you with love and compassion”!

Feeling Fabulous — Feeling Bonito!

Marta Bonito