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Have you been cleared by your Plastic Surgeon, and are you ready to hit the gym to work out your fabulous new and improved body?

After a lot of research, Bonito & Co. has finally found the perfect Sports & Fitness Wear to guide you after your Plastic Surgery when you are ready to get back into your workout routine. ZYIA Active’s Post Operative Sports & Fitness Wear are the perfect high end garments to give your body the necessary support and lasting compression it needs on your continuous fitness journey. Bonito & Co. has partnered with ZYIA Active, and endorses this company's high quality sports & fitness garments for two main reasons: Zyia uses high end materials and fabric blends, which result in wonderful lasting compression, a super comfortable fit, and a very nice and soft feel on your skin. 


Most of the fabrics that Zyia uses have the most powerful 4-way stretch factor to support flexibility, compression, form, fit and comfort. Zyia is commited to continuously improve and invest in innovation and technology of its fabrics. These technologies will always be a priority for Zyia.
  • Moisture Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Strategic Ventilation
  • Breathability
  • Anti-odor
  • Sweat Wicking
  • Slimming Component
  • Muscle Support
  • Adaptive
  • Compression
Bonito & Co.’s Owner and CEO Deirdre Sours highly recommends  the following product categories for you to help you to continue to work on achieving the flattest and even shape after your Plastic Surgery:
  • Capris/Crops: High-Rise Light n Tight
  • 7/8: High-Rise Light n Tight
  • Sports Bras

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