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Meet Bonito's New Bra on The Block! Model 4090VZ

February 12, 2021 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Meet Bonito's New Bra on The Block! Model 4090VZ

The latest trend has been to turn away from Breast Implants to Fat Transfers into Breasts!
Model 4090VZ caters to Breast Surgeries transferring fat into the breasts, featuring the proper Breast Openings preventing compression on the breasts:
This pristine, super soft, and highly effective Post-Surgical Support Brassiere with openings for Fat Transfers into the breasts, is designed with a Standard Under Bust Seam, Hook & Eye Closure, adjustable straps, and additional reinforced soft padding on the inside along the Hook & Eye Closure line to promote maximum healing benefits, and to provide the optimum comfort, fit, and feel. 4090VZ will not only shape the breasts, but the unique blend of the strong and lasting, yet deliciously soft Bonito fabric, which has the most powerful 4-way stretch factor, and is more durable and reliable than any other fabric, will allow the garment to return to its original size and shape every time after the stress is removed.

Good luck!
Deirdre Sours

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